Who Can Help Me Downsize?

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There are many people who can be involved in helping you downsize ranging from family members to professionals with a specialty in one area of downsizing. Here are some of the key players.

Family meeting-2518241_W250-CropFamily members are the people most frequently involved in helping with downsizing when their location and other commitments permit. Their help may be scheduled over an extended period of time or might be a short, intense period in which everyone involved “blitzes it”. The gradual approach is most common when you are downsizing by choice. (See the “When” article.) Family members are particularly helpful during this time since they are most likely to be familiar with the “stories behind the stuff” and their importance to the family. The short time-frame for downsizing is commonly used when someone is downsizing by necessity. This is when professionals are most likely to be engaged because of their expertise and the time constraints of the process.

Looking at the entire timeline as consisting of three main periods is a convenient way of understanding when professionals are likely to be brought in. The three periods are: Before, During and After the move from the current residence.

The “Before” period is the one most people associate with downsizing since it involves “getting rid of STUFF”. Most of this happens before the sale of the home.

The “During” period is when you are downsizing your SPACE by selling your home and moving to a smaller residence.

The “After” period is when you are in your next residence and continuing to whittle down your remaining stuff while enjoying the benefits of your (typically) reduced expenses.

This “word cloud” highlights the main activities in the “Before” period. Most of the focus is on the contents of the residence, not the home itself.

BEFORE  (What)

Downsizing tasks word cloud


The following circle diagram identifies some of the many people who can be involved in the “Before” period, doing the tasks identified above. Most of these individuals are “hands-on” at the residence but some are indirectly involved off-site.

Downsizing helpers and specialists


This image shows the main players in the “During” stage of selling/downsizing a home. Of course, there are other specialists who are engaged when the residence is prepared for sale in this period such as a home inspector,  a land surveyor, a landscaper, a photographer, a contractor, trades, a handyman, etc.

Selling team
During the Sale


Finally, there are those who are involved in the “After” period, helping you with your residual stuff such as family members and Professional Organizers. A Financial Planner and an Investment Advisor are often involved as well. In addition to the property sale, a Lawyer can be involved in any period, depending on the need for an updated will and powers-of-attorney. A Geriatric Care Manager may also be involved in all stages if the individual and the family require this type of expertise.

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