What is “Help”?

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The word “help” means different things to different people, depending on their situation. There are very specific kinds of downsizing “help” that you will find on this site.

  1. Direction and structure.
    One of the most common questions that people ask themselves when considering downsizing is “Where do I start?” The basic articles on this site are intended to lead you through the Five W’s that help readers develop clarity around their goals. You already know where you are. Next, you need to really think about where you want to be. On-going “how to” articles on this site and other sites will outline some practical, sequenced steps that will keep you moving toward your goal.
  2. Experience
    The articles and on-going comments on this website will gradually create a library of experiences you can apply to your own situation. No matter what hurdle you face in downsizing, you can be assured others have faced a similar situation and have overcome it to reach their goal. Although home owners have been downsizing for decades, the demographic bulge of thousands of boomers retiring in the same year is creating a wealth of stories and experience.
  3. Encouragement
    Decades of living in the same of home and accumulating stuff during that time can result in a daunting workload when downsizing. This is especially true if you are helping your parents downsize and you now live elsewhere. This can create a lot of emotional and financial pressure that leads to stress for the entire family. As this site develops, you will probably see encouraging comments from others who were in the same boat and were successful in reaching their family’s destination.
  4. Ideas
    The creative process is often sparked by exposure to another point of view. You may come up with a new approach to organizing stuff, furnishing small spaces or minimizing decorating costs. (That’s how the Murphy Bed was invented.) There are many great ideas others have come up with that could easily spur you to be creative. This could be something specific to you or something you could share with others.
  5. Contacts and connections
    Single-handed downsizing is difficult and is not recommended, where possible. As more new articles are added, you will see the names of specific companies or types of resources you may wish to consider for your situation. If you feel you need a specialized skill set and don’t see it mentioned here, just send me an email or post a comment on this article. Remember, most of the resources mentioned are in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). You may also form new connections with others engaging with this site via their comments. They could be at exactly the same point in their process or they could be experts in a particular field. The more helpful connections you have, the better.

What kind of help are you looking for? 

Find out how to keep in touch with Downsizing Help by clicking on Subscription Choices in the top menu bar. A new post is released every Sunday at 2 p.m. EST.

Unless otherwise credited, all posts are happily authored in quill & pen by …
Paul Ferri, Broker
RE/MAX Unique Inc. Brokerage*, Toronto, Canada
*Each office independently owned and operated

Photo credit:  Pixabay ~ Dean Moriarty

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