2018 Downsizing goals videos

Since downsizing will be a popular theme for many people in 2018, it would be helpful to pause and consider how setting goals can make a difference to the outcome. Here are three videos that point you in the right direction.
Let’s start with goal setting in general. One of the most experienced motivational speakers and business leaders is Brian Tracy. I first learned about his methods in the early 90’s through his audio tape success series. He has distilled many of his ideas into a number of training videos you can view on YouTube. The following video titled “How to Prepare for 2018 [Quick Tips]” is an excellent overview of his goal-setting process, which is widely applicable. Although the most common applications are in finances, health and relationships, the same techniques can be applied to downsizing.

7:00 min.

Minimalism is getting a lot of attention these days and has direct application to the downsizing process. Although the trend is popular with millennials, boomers can apply the same techniques when going through this major change in their lives. Here is a video published by a young couple who have some creative suggestions on how to make decisions about what to keep, toss or donate.

3:22 min.

One of the most prolific speakers on Downsizing is Gayle Goddard, who is a professional organizer in Austin, Texas. She runs a monthly downsizing meetup group and posts videos of those meetings on YouTube as the “Clutter Fairy”. Here is a video she created one year ago on goal setting for 2017. Of course, the suggestions still apply for 2018. This video is based on a series of examples most of us face with clutter and how that relates to downsizing goals.

Unless you have time to view the entire meeting (51 minutes), you may wish to view part of the video and catch the rest later. The video is set to start at 1:28 minutes, which is the most relevant start-point.

51:28 minutes

If you have a suggestion for another relevant video you believe is worthwhile, you are welcome to comment below with the name of the Channel and the Title of the video.

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