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Avid readers who are on the threshold of retiring are very enthusiastic about their upcoming retirement. They have a backlog of books to start or finish and lists of authors to explore. Pleasant anticipation seems to be their primary emotion. Here are some thoughts for retiring book fans on Reading Time, Space and Location.

This post is part of an on-going series on this blog under the topic of “Retire – Downsize – ….”, covering a variety of possible activities to pursue after retiring and downsizing. Today’s topic is for book lovers.


Book and stuffed bearAn increase in time available for reading is one of the main benefits of retirement. Books you have on your “someday” shelf can finally get some attention, allowing you to read more books by your favourite* authors. My wife enjoys a wide range of books and authors and recently read Indian Horse, prior to the movie-making debut. While she enjoys both fiction and non-fiction, I enjoy the non-fiction section, usually on topics such as technology, business or music.

One of the benefits of more spare time is the opportunity to attend Author Talks & Lectures, such as those held by the Toronto Public Library (TPL). These include authors such as Antony Anderson, Tim Falconer, and Melodie Campbell.

Another benefit of retirement for avid readers is having time to join a book club. This may take the form of an in-person club in which you meet on a regular basis to discuss a current best seller. It may also be less formal such as an online readers’ group or simply sharing book suggestions with other readers.


Kindle and booksDownsizing usually involves a decrease in your personal storage space for books while your reading time increases. There are many solutions to this storage crunch such as eBooks and condo libraries. Our condo building has a convenient library that accepts and circulates soft-cover books, most of them in the fiction category. We are also regular users of our local public library and have a constant supply of books on the go. Electronic devices such as the Kobo and Kindle Book Readers and apps also help relieve the pressure for more shelf space in your home.


Bench and waterEven if you have a comfortable reading area in your home after downsizing, a change in location can increase your enjoyment of reading. We have a quiet lounge area in our condo building that is often vacant. A reading room such as this can offer some seclusion for getting deep into a good book.

Reading near water always seems to create a relaxing environment for time well spent. If you are near a river, creek or lake, there are probably some benches along the way that would be ideal for reading. We are near Lake Ontario and a local creek running through a series of parks with benches for book time in warm-weather.

Some readers take their love of stories to the next level and try their hand at writing at local Writing Centres or Writing Groups. Some resources in the Toronto area include:
Toronto Writers’ Center and the TPL writing programs.

What does your plan include?

* You may notice some Canadian spelling in these posts. The words may look odd but that’s how we spell them. We’re used to it.

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