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Elderly Hands

Last Sunday presented a scheduling challenge for me personally. I could have posted another blog article on downsizing or helped a 90-year-old family member. (Guess which one I chose to do?) He came from B.C. to visit another family who is 83 years old and now living in a long-term care home.

Our elderly B.C. visitor, my wife, eldest daughter and I spent time together before making our way to the long-term-care home for a family visit on the following day. As we sat, talked and listened to the two seniors interact, there were a few thoughts that came to mind.

We tend not to notice changes in our capability as we age because small changes are imperceptible on a daily basis.

As our remaining years dwindle, we want to re-connect with relatives who live far away while we are still able.

Sharing childhood memories of our youth provides a way to relive our lives even though we can’t return to the past.

It is the simple things that matter the most, like time together, not gifts.

Music can lift us above our condition. Age disappears in the presence of music.

After our 90-year-old family member returned home to B.C., he realized the importance of his visit. He will come back again in two weeks to reconnect once again.

“Time is of the essence.”

You may notice some Canadian spelling in these posts. The words may look odd but that’s how we spell them. We’re used to it.

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