Downsizing From a Condo

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Those who downsize from a condo are usually doing so as a second pass. Their original move was likely completed many years earlier. Often the downsizer is an elder who recognizes that a retirement home is now a better match. However, there are a few differences this time. If this applies to you or your parents, read on.


Chances are, you will need to hire professionals for most of the work. Your friends can’t help you move this time. All of you are older and unable to lift heavy boxes or move large pieces of furniture. Unless you have younger family members, leave moving to the pros.


Notepad-and-autumn-leavesThe logistics of a move can be more complicated in a condo building since are dependent on elevator availability and condo rules. Others may have reserved the elevator for your preferred day. Elevator usage is restricted to certain times of the day and days of the week. Street traffic is heavier than it was 20 to 30 years ago, making exact predictions of mover arrival-time iffy.


Old Wrist-watchesIt is much harder to get rid of stuff than it was a few decades ago. To read more about this topic, just have a look at “Why Your Kids Don’t Want Your Stuff” in an earlier post. There is now an abundance of silverware, Royal Doulton figurines, crystal and fine china available.

Limited Exposure

Excess StuffYou probably had a garage sale at your traditional home the first time you downsized. Now condo rules specify “no public contents sales allowed”. If you are lucky, you may be able to post a notice to the residents in your condo building that you are having “drop-by” contents sale. Since most of the other residents will be in the same age group, the chances of selling everything you have for sale are very limited. Engaging professionals for a virtual auction, consignment shop or off-site auction will likely be your next best option. Donating your unsold items to a charity, church bazaar or similar organization is another option. However, there are restrictions on what items they can accept and how they receive the items. (They may pick them up from the moving room in the building but not from your unit.) Finally, the disposal of any remaining items is the last option. Even that can present challenges in logistics if the items require an elevator reservation and/or a moving truck.

Final thoughts

LawyerAllow yourself plenty of time to handle the planning, item-sorting, and enquiries for your particular situation. The earlier you engage professionals and schedule the multiple tasks, the smoother your second downsizing will be.

If you need help in choosing a company for your downsizing project, you can feel comfortable in letting me know what you need.

Best wishes!

If you have you been through this, what comments can you add?

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