Retire – Downsize – See Grandchildren


Grandchildren are a joy to grandparents. No wonder that retiring and downsizing can be a welcome change for grandparents wishing to spend more time with their grandchildren. This is one of the benefits we experienced after my wife retired and we downsized in 2014. Here are some of the ways we have been able to have more fun with our grandkids.

Downsizing from a traditional home to a condo has had a big impact on our lifestyle and time with the grandchildren. You may enjoy these benefits as well.

More Time Available

Living in a condo means you no have responsibility for maintaining the building or the grounds for your home. Therefore you have more time available visiting the kids. Just turn the key, leave and travel to see the family.

More Flexibility

Grandchild-with-starsAfter a least one of you is retired, you have more availability and flexibility for scheduling child-friendly daytime events such as performances, trips to the aquarium, the zoo or the art gallery. You can visit the grandkids or have them visit you on reasonably short notice. If you have guest space available after downsizing, you can have them stay with you. When our grandchildren visit us, they can stay in the guest bedroom in our condo unit or in the guest suite in the building. We have four of the eldest stay with us and two more kids stay with the parents in the building guest suite.

More Choice

Most condos have a wide range of amenities that you can enjoy with your guests. This gives you more fun options that are popular with kids such as a swimming pool, gym (for older kids), ping-pong and grassy areas for outdoor games.

More Funds Available

Freedom - SailboatUnless you are doing a “sideways move” in property value, downsizing frees up more cash for your discretionary uses such as travel with the grandkids to a place you have never been before. Canadian destinations will give them a broader appreciation for our own country. Southerly destinations with warmer temperatures are always welcome in the winter.

More Space for Large Family Gatherings

A party room is a standard amenity in many condos. These are ideal for family parties and seasonal get-togethers. Our “Top of The Mark” party room is an excellent setting for adults and older grandchildren. A second, more casual, party room is also available and is large enough for all the grandkids and the extended family.

If you haven’t already retired and downsized, see what you have to look forward to?

This post is part of an on-going series on this blog on the topic of Retire – Downsize – …., covering a variety of possible activities to pursue after retiring and downsizing.

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