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There are a number of ways you can interact with this site or with the site’s author.

A. Feedback

If you want to provide feedback on the site without necessarily subscribing to new articles on the site you have two choices:

Private Message – to send a private message that goes directly to the author, simply use the Contact page.

Public Comment – to post a public comment, you can do so on this page after “Leave a Reply” below, on the About Page or on Your Story page.

B. Basic Subscription

You can easily subscribe to receive new articles (“posts”) on this site as soon as they are published. Click on the button on the right side titled “Follow this site by Email”. ( users will just go to the bottom right corner of this page and click the “Follow” button.) Please note that all email subscriptions are managed by the WordPress site, not by the author of these articles. Be sure to click on the confirmation link in the email that WordPress sends you. Until you’ve confirmed your subscription request, you won’t receive new posts by email.

C. Bonus Subscription

This is where you can easily subscribe to bonus content that is not available on this website. All the content is related to downsizing and/or retiring such as curated videos, book suggestions, and articles.  A Bonus Subscription is separate from a Basic Subscription to this site. You may choose either Basic or Bonus or both. All content is delivered to your preferred email address and is readable on any mobile or desktop device. You will receive the bonus updates on a bi-weekly basis directly from my Email Service Provider (ESP), not from this website. Of course, you can stop delivery when you finish downsizing or at any time you choose.

Zen stones

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The first email in the bonus series will be issued to you as soon as you subscribe.

Welcome to the downsizing insider’s group!

Paul Ferri at Downsizing Help

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