The Most Dangerous Room in the Home

Door to the most dangerous room

Of all the rooms in the family home, one room needs more attention than any of the others for anyone who plans to age in place.

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My parent has Alzheimer’s. Now what?

Alzheimer's Disease

Since is Alzheimer’s is a gradual, degenerative disease, your family has probably been dealing with the situation for some time. Likely your Mom or Dad is in the Middle Stage of the disease and you are handling healthcare/personal care decisions on an ongoing basis. Now you are also facing decisions involving your parent’s property such as their financial assets and the family home. The steps you take now are critical to achieving a positive outcome for your Mom or Dad and their care.

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Keeping Your Seniors Safe at Home

Falling down the Stairs

The family home is a source of great comfort for parents and children alike. However, as the family ages, elderly parents are often challenged by unintended hazards in the home. Here are some thoughts on how to spot these hazards along with low-cost suggestions for correction.

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Downsizing Resistance. What’s behind it?


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Isolation + Elderly + Bad weather = EMERGENCY

The recent, record-breaking cold snap and ice storm in our area has created a very troubling issue for anyone who is isolated, especially if they are elderly. No matter the location, whenever bad weather strikes, family members and friends always become concerned about the health and safety of those on their own.
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