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Teaching a class

Having a purposeful activity in place at retirement is one of the best ways of ensuring a long and satisfying life. As comedian George Burns used to say – “I’ll show up as long as I’m booked.” George lived to age 100. Of all the activities available to us when retiring, teaching is one of the most stimulating and useful. The possibilities are endless and the opportunities to help others is wide. If this applies to you or a family member, here are some suggestions on where to start.

When first considering teaching at retirement, a review of the “Five W’s” would provide a useful framework for decision making.

The Five-Ws

1. Why

Let’s start with the most important “W”. Why are you considering teaching?
Do you want to:

  • share your passion for a subject or skill with someone else
  • help someone who lacks funds or tools for the training you would provide
  • continue to be mentally stimulated
  • earn extra income to supplement your fixed income

2. What

What is it you want to teach?
Do you want to teach:

  • something you love
  • a skill you possess
  • something that is badly lacking in the educational system. (Personal Finance)
  • something that is rare or disappearing.



    • musical instruments
    • languages
    • arts and crafts
    • computer skills
    • games (golf, snooker)
    • sports, sailing, swimming
    • safe motorcycle riding
    • small business

3. Who

Who would you like to teach?

  • grandchildren
  • young entrepreneurs
  • children, teens, adults or seniors
  • newcomers to the community or the country
  • students struggling academically
  • low-income students
  • inmates

4. When

When would you like to teach?

  • Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly
  • Daytime, evening or weekends
  • Part-time, seasonal

5. Where

Where would you like to teach?

  • in your home
  • in a community building such as a community centre or library
  • in a local elementary, secondary school
  • in a local college or university
  • in another community overseas
  • via the internet

See the earlier article titled: Retire-Downsize-Learn for ideas on where you can offer to teach.

Teach, keep learning and make a difference!

This post is part of an on-going series on this blog on the topic of “Retire – Downsize – ….”, covering a variety of possible activities to pursue after retiring and downsizing.

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