Keep the Joy – Downsize Christmas


Joy to you this Christmas season!

If you are still working on your final touches for the 25th, you may find some helpful suggestions here. These tips from young experts in minimalism cover popular, Christmas downsizing topics: gifts, decor and budget. A minimalist message for today is very fitting. After all, the first Christmas began in a stable feeding trough. How simple. How humble.

These practical videos will also help get you in the right mood for Christmas. You may wish to view part of each video, only one or all of them. You may also wish to subscribe to the video authors on their YouTube channel or blog site.

1. Gifts

Here are 20 Minimalist Christmas Gift Ideas from Rachel of The Messy Minimalist. I’ll give you a peek at the content by listing the first 10 hints for you. The video will start with the next ten and will begin with Idea #11. If you wish to view the entire video from the beginning, simply start playing it then rewind to the beginning.

You are also welcome to check out the Bonus Video at the bottom of this post for more ideas.

21:09 min.

The first ten tips in the above video from Rachel are:

  1. In-house movie night pass
  2. Amazon Kindle
  3. Audible subscription
  4. Museum or aquarium pass
  5. Zoo membership
  6. Museum membership
  7. Gym membership
  8. Magazine subscription
  9. Local restaurant gift certificate for two
  10. “Free babysitting” gift certificate

2. Decor

It is very easy to overspend and go overboard when decorating for Christmas. These suggestions from Layan Bee will help you set the mood while simplifying the effort.

6:21 min.

3. Budget

This video by Delilah Loeppky of LoeppkysLife combines decor with keeping an eye on the budget.

12:35 min.

4. Bonus Video (more Gift ideas)

Here is a video by A Small Wardrobe with ten more ideas for you based on “experiences”. There is some overlap with the suggestions from the Messy Minimalist. However, each blogger has their own emphasis. If you wish to view the entire video from the beginning, simply start playing it then rewind to the beginning.


Which one of these Christmas downsizing suggestions is just right for you?

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